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Prince William Soccer's Recreational Program offers an additional program (All-Stars) and league (Futsal) over the course of the year.

All-Stars happens at the conclusion of each Spring and Fall outdoor season.  Coaches nominate and select players from each age group.  If selected, players have the option of participating in the All-Star Tournament.  A weekend event in which teams will play 3-5 games across the Northern VA area.  This program is an additional $45 per player and you can find out more information with the link on the right.

Futsal, although similar to soccer, is more like indoor soccer with a few special changes for indoor play. The field is much smaller, about the size of a basketball court (25"x15"), and, unlike indoor soccer, futsal uses touch boundaries instead of dasherboards. The 5v5 match (one of who is the goalkeeper) consists of two 25 minute halves using the running watch we are used to in regulation soccer. A #4 ball (instead of #5) is used because of its low bounce properties. Clearly, because of the touch boundaries and special ball, futsal focuses more on ball control and creative plays in a tight area.  Winter and Summer Leagues available.  For more information about Futsal please check out the link on the right.