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Prince William Courage Mission Statement

Prince William Courage makes meaningful contributions to the community through the game of soccer.

Vision Statement

Inspiring our players to maximize their potential.

Courage Core Values

Our core values are at the heart of who we are. They represent the best of our club and provide the foundation which guides all of our efforts. Our core values allow us to maintain and strengthen our relationships within the entire community. They remind us of what is most important and keep us focused on the right things. 


We take pride in everything we do. We are committed to excellence both on and off the playing field. Our coaches, programs and facilities directly contribute to our success in maximizing the individual development of every player. We consistently look for new and better ways to deliver a first class experience to our members and stakeholders in all we do.


We are passionate about soccer. For more than 30 years, we have helped develop a life-long love of the game and sense of fair play in all our players, parents and coaches. We believe that to be seen as a leader we must act as a leader. We strive for innovation within our club and seek to be recognized as a leader in our community. When we see others following our example or recognizing our efforts, then we know we have instilled real passion within our community. Leadership with real purpose and a profound passion for the game will drive us to newer and greater heights.


We believe soccer presents endless possibilities. We provide opportunities for players of all backgrounds and abilities and give back to the game through the varied charitable goals of our tournaments. We seek to create an environment where every person can reach their highest potential. We value the whole person and welcome people of different talents, abilities and experiences. Soccer equalizes inequities and humanizes all people - together we make a difference in our community.

More Than A Soccer Club

While most soccer clubs in the United States have a mission specifically related to soccer,  Prince William Soccer has always been so much more than a soccer club.  Our mission demands that we do more by making meaningful contributions to the community through the game of soccer.  

Led by one of its founders, Jim Claffey, Prince William Soccer has had an impact on hundreds of thousands of children in this area since 1976.  Jim was our volunteer equipment manager who dedicated the last 30 years of his life to the club.  Really he was more than that, he was the backbone of the organization who helped ensure that all kids were able to have a fun, wholesome, healthy soccer experience regardless of ability or the ability to pay.  Jim spent long hours getting fields lined and equipment ready, he paid out of his own pocket many, many registrations every season, and he funded four annual scholarships for high school seniors attending college. 

Today, the club asks its members, creates various events, and uses its tournaments, throughout the year to help us advance our mission and continue Jim’s legacy by giving back to the community.  

On the field, we have made a commitment to providing opportunities for children regardless of their ability level or their ability to pay  Our TOPSoccer program helps us keep that promise by giving children with mental and physical disabilities a chance to enjoy the game of soccer.  It’s a free program staffed by our volunteer coordinator and buddies from local high schools.  Our financial assistance program helps families who are struggling to keep their kids involved in youth sports. 

Each year we help over 175 players with financial assistance.  Without this program, many of these players would fall through the cracks of society.  

Over the years, we also have organized ACTS coat drives, food drives for SERVE, adopted a stream at Chinn Regional Park, and collected money for the Red Cross Katrina Fund.  Our members continue to step up in support of our mission to give back to those in need. 

The “Passback” used soccer equipment drive co-sponsored by the US Soccer Foundation is conducted around the Icebreaker Tournament every March.  Each participating player is asked to bring in a gently used piece of soccer equipment.