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We Need YOU... To referee

By Courage Staff, 10/21/20, 2:45PM EDT


Are you tired of sitting at home watching soccer and unable to get paid doing so?  Changing diapers has too many bottoms up?  Then have we got the opportunity for you!

We have scheduled New Referee classes in Woodbridge in November at Howison and Chinn Park.   While you have to first complete the online course and then spend 4 hours at the field at one of these sessions, you will be ready to go, free to referee soccer anywhere in the United States, earning anywhere from $25 to $80 per match, depending on the age and competition level.  Classes are open to anyone 13 years and up - no upper age limit - and you control your schedule of how many games that you work

Outdoor Class Options (Choose any one)

  1. SUN NOV 1, 8 AM to 12 PM at Chinn Park
  2. MON, NOV 9, 4 to 8 PM at Howison Park
  3. SUN, NOV 15, 1 to 5 PM at Howison Park

How do I sign up? See the below instructions.  Questions?  Please contact Jesse Rosenthal, USSF Assignor, at


Go to the Metro DC-Virginia State Referee Program’s Officials Management System (OMS).  This is where you will register as a referee, sign up for an outdoor clinic, and complete online instruction.

To become a referee, you will need to do the following:

  • Create your username and password and enter your personal information.
  • Pay your referee registration fee.  Cost is $80, payable online via credit card only.
  • Sign up for a referee clinic from the list of available clinics.
  • Complete your online instruction lessons.
  • Attend the classroom and field instruction sessions, only after completing all online instruction.
  • The link to the OMS homepage for the Metro DC-Virginia State Referee Program is this:  If needed, you can return to our OMS system to manage your personal information or sign up for other clinics.
    • In OMS, the “I want to:” and “I need Help” buttons will be helpful.

Online Instruction Lessons 

The online instruction consists of four parts. On your OMS Member Home Page, to the right of the clinic that you reserved, click the “Online Lessons” button.  This will take you to the OMS page where you Take/Retake each of the online lessons.

Part 1:  US Soccer Digital Learning Center (DLC) Online Course (about 4.5 hours)  Before you start the Learning Center Online Course, there is an Introduction to the DLC to explain how to initially sign up in the Learning Center, create a profile, log into the Learning Center, and start your Learning Center Online Course.  Using the RED Button on the last slide in the Introduction, sign up and create your profile in the Learning Center.  Log out of the DLC and return to OMS and reselect the RED Button in the Learning Center Introduction.  Then, begin the Learning Center Online Course, “DC / Virginia – Online Course (Hidden)”.  

When you complete the US Soccer Learning Center Online Course, save the certificate of completion to show the instructor(s), if needed.  Then return to our Officials Management System (OMS), and select "Online Lessons" to complete the other three parts of the online instruction.

Part 2:  Providing a Healthy and Safe Playing Environment (about 30 minutes

Part 3:  2020 Grassroots Referee Test (about 30 minutes)

Part 4:  SafeSport Training  Every referee who will be 18 years and older during the soccer year must complete SafeSport Training (about 1.5 hours).  We cannot certify any referee 18 years or older without SafeSport Training.  Save your certificate of completion.  

To upload your certificate of completion after completing the SafeSport Training, return to your OMS "Member Home Page," select "I want to:", then select “Provide SafeSport Documentation."  

After you upload the document, you must go back to the OMS lesson and continue where you left off. You must answer the two questions and complete the lesson.  Clear the error code that appears on the next-to-last screen.  You must wait 15-20 seconds while the lesson closes out and takes you back to the lesson list. At that point, you must select the “Push Here to Update Results (after completing the lesson)” and again wait 20 seconds while the lesson list is updated.  If you close the windows too soon, the lesson will not be updated.

The Risk Management Officer (RMO) needs to verify your certificate and review and approve your Background Check before this lesson shows as complete.  The RMO verifies, reviews, and approves risk management daily.